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CS Management Inc. provides three main categories of service. These categories are General Administration, Financial Management and Condominium Management. Most of the services mentioned are covered in our Condominium Management Agreement and are typical of the day to day services we provide. Below you will find a more detailed list of our services.

General Administrative

CS Management Inc. provides Administration services internally and does not outsource any tasks or responsibilities to another company or firm. CS Management Inc. provides the following Administration duties:

  • Maintain owner / unit files.
  • Preparation of documents.
  • Mail outs.
  • Annual general meeting preparation and package distribution.
  • Record electronic and paper documentation.
  • Administrate archive materials.
  • Assist in developing house rules and policies.
  • Assist in the enforcement of Corporation Bylaw’s.
  • Remedy and address Bylaw infractions.
  • Preparation of Condominium Documents as outline in the CPA.
  • Respond to complaints / concerns in a timely manner.
  • Prepare and mail assessment and delinquency notices.
  • Prepare Information Statements as required under the condominium property act and estoppels on a cost recovery basis.
  • Record and prepare minutes as requested by the Board of Directors. (this item has additional costs which are in the management agreement)

Financial Management Services

CS Management Inc. will maintain accounting records and provide monthly financial statements to the Treasurer of the Board of Directors on a regular basis. Our financial statements are always available by the following month end. CS Management Inc. provides the following financial documents and services:

  • Balance Sheet with Asset, Liability and Equity breakdown.
  • Statement of Income & Expense with monthly and annual comparison.
  • Reserve Fund Statement with monthly and annual income and expense tracking.
  • Detailed General Ledger for the monthly period.
  • Reconciliation Statements with copies Bank Statements and Investments.
  • Detailed Accounts Receivable report
  • Detailed Accounts Payable report.
  • Monthly Variance report with percentiles. (upon request)
  • Copies of Original Invoices for the period.
  • Prepare cheques to pay all obligations and provide a copy of both the cheques and invoices for Board of Directors review and signing. CS Management Inc. does not carry signing on any Corporation accounts and leaves this responsibility up to the Board of Directors.
  • Record and track Capital Assets and Depreciation.
  • Assist Corporation Auditors in preparation of Audited Financial Statements and Annual Tax Returns.
  • Upon the written requests of Owners, provide annual account statement for personal tax and review purposes.
  • Prepare, with the cooperation of the Board of Directors, the Annual Budget.
  • Prepare, with the cooperation of the Board of Directors, Capital Reserve Fund recommendations including the assistance in preparing a Five Year Plan.
  • Full payroll services including source deduction remittance, employer contributions, pay stubs, record of employment, T4’s and W.C.B. This service is in conjunction with ADP Payroll Services. (this item has additional costs outside of the management agreement)

Management & Service

Condominium Management is what CS Management Inc. specializes in. Our firm does not perform services in real estate transactions or property maintenance. Our company design is specifically committed to residential Condominium Management services.

Our Management Team is tasked with attending the required amount of monthly meetings in a calendar as well as preparing and distributing the Board of Directors Agenda in advance of the meeting which includes all supporting documents, quotes, information and financial materials.  More specifics of our services is mentioned below:

  • 24 hour Emergency Contact Service. This service is designed exclusively for you property and when you call our emergency number you will be connected to the Condominium Manager for your site. You will not have to speak with an on call personal or maintenance staff, you are connected with your Condominium Manager.
  • Dispatch of service and maintenance contractors. CS Management Inc. will deal with maintenance issues and send out the appropriate trades to deal with them on a priority basis.
  • Follow up on corrective actions. CS Management Inc. will assist in the follow up and review of completed items under the direction of the Board of Directors.
  • Review of service contracts. CS Management Inc. will request and assist the Board of Directors in reviewing contracts.
  • Assist in the preparation of specifications relating to the building envelope. CS Management Inc. can assist in the preparation of specifications for projects. (this item has additional costs outside of the management agreement and will be quoted on prior to commencement of work)
  • Obtain quotations for projects and service contracts. CS Management Inc. will gather comparable quotations under advisement of the Board of Directors.
  • Recommend venders for selection. CS Management Inc. works with many industry members and can give past and current opinions on which vendors are excellent to work with.
  • Project management and supervision. CS Management Inc. can assist in the project management and supervision of capital projects or minor jobs. (this item has additional costs outside of the management agreement and will be quoted on prior to commencement of work)
  • Inspect projects upon completion and approve completed work prior to payment. CS Management Inc., at the direction of the Board of Directors will conduct a final walkthrough with the Board of Directors to review deficiencies, quality and completion.
  • Assist in the interpretation and requirements under the Corporation Bylaws, Condominium Property Act of Alberta and the Condominium Property Act Regulations (Alberta Regulation).
  • Dealing with correspondence and concerns. CS Management Inc. will deal with Owners, Vendors and Municipalities and be the “in between” for correspondence and contact related issues.
  • Onsite inspections. CS Management Inc. is dedicated and conducts onsite inspections of the Common Areas and also routinely books a Spring and Fall walkthrough to address internal (if required) and external maintenance needs.
  • Preparation and attendance at the Corporations Annual General Meetings.
  • Bylaw Review and Committee involvement. (this item has additional costs outside of the management agreement and will be quoted on prior to commencement of work)


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