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Management Team

Curtis Siracky


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Curtis Siracky is the President and Owner of CS Management Inc.   Mr. Siracky has been part of the Condominium Community since 2001.   He has built extensive knowledge and experience in educating, promoting and working with Condominium Owners, Boards of Directors and Professionals in the Condominium Industry. He has worked with Condominium Committees, Boards of Directors, Bylaw Review Committees and Developer files.   His commitment to the Condominium Industry to help others has been the greatest success in building a successful Condominium Management company.

Shannon Siracky

Vice President

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Shannon Siracky is the Vice President and Co-Owner of CS Management Inc.   Her knowledge of the Condominium Industry started in 2002 when she was first involved as a Resident and Onsite Manager.   Through this role she learned that strong Bylaw enforcement as well as great communications with Owners and Tenants can build a successful Condominium Community.     Mrs. Siracky is dedicated Hockey Mom to two wonderful boys and is involved with volunteering for minor hockey and has also volunteered numerous hours to the City of Edmonton’s Parking Agency Program. Mrs. Siracky currently partakes in the operational roles and development of Administration staff.   Running the office of CS Management Inc. is no simple task, however Shannon has proved herself to be an effective team leader and role model to all her employees. Shannon will always take the time to sit down with an Owner, Board Member or Employee to try to resolve the problem.  Her beaming smile and colorful character shows that she is approachable and fair.  She enjoys the Condominium Industry and the clients she serves.

Manuela Kwasucki

Condominium Manager / Condominium Manager Supervisor

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Email: manuela@csmgmtinc.ca 

Manuela Kwasucki brings an educated and experienced perspective when it comes to Condominium Management. As a Condominium Owner, ex Board Member and Condominium Manager she understands the diverse aspects and benefits to owning a Condominium and living within a community of owners. Ms. Kwasucki understands the inner workings, challenges and complexities of operating a Condominium corporation to its fullest potential. Manuela’s experience in the management field has helped her excel to the position of Condominium Manager Supervisor.  Promoting team work, education and strong ethics are a priority for her when dealing with her staff.

Jay Siracky

Senior Condominium Manager

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Email: jay@csmgmtinc.ca 

Jay Siracky started his career in the Condominium Industry investing in individual units, and is now a committed Condominium Manager with CS Management Inc. Jay manages different types of Condominiums specializing in bareland, conventional, apartment-style, townhouse-style, lofts, and mixed-residential and commercial sites. Jay has a dedication to improve the quality of life for all owners residing in the Condominium sites he manages, and he has set a very high precedent in our firm to provide the utmost quality service to each of our Corporations and their Owners.

Catelyn Siracky

Office Manager

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Email: catelyn@csmgmtinc.ca 

Catelyn has been working at CS Management off an on since 2016.   In 2017 Catelyn was promoted to a full-time receptionist in which she showed the willingness and care about the job she had and the details in the day to day duties that were required.   Shortly there after, Catelyn was promoted to the Reception Supervisor to which she took on many new duties of running the office and certain aspects of the business. In November of 2019, Catelyn was promoted once again to the role of Office Manager.  Catelyn has shown she is a dedicated employee and ensures that CS Management Inc. and the affairs of the office are handled without delay.  She shows patience and greets everyone who comes to the office with a friendly smile. Catelyn is also a Condominium Board Member and Condominium Owner.  She understands that being involved with her own Condominium is crucial and that she has a vast amount of knowledge that is an asset assist her own Corporation. In her spare time, holidays, weekends and evenings, she plays video games and has also been to known to babysit a couple of her grandmothers’ cats “once in a while”.

Todd Teske

Accounting Manager

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Email: todd@csmgmtinc.ca 

Todd has dedicated the past 23 years working as bookkeeper and office manager in the oil and gas industry.  He has extensive knowledge and experience in the accounting field including an immense understanding of bank account reconciliations, financial statement preparation, cash flow management, accounts payable, accounts receivable and various reporting systems.    Looking for a new challenge and experience, Todd has joined the CS Management Inc. team and is enjoying the Condominium Industry and what it has to offer. Todd is also a proud and dedicated Father and enjoys the rewards of self-accomplishment.   Todd is an avid runner and has participated in several half marathons and ran his first full marathon this past May.

Bret Davis

Condominium Manager

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Email: bret@csmgmtinc.ca 

Bret Davis has been working in the Condominium Industry since early 2016. Prior to joining CS Management Inc. Mr. Davis worked in various Management roles in the private sector. These skills have helped him develop a strong sense of responsibility and maturity.  Mr. Davis started with CS Management Inc. as a Condominium Manager Assistant and has since been promoted.  He has proved himself to be a dedicated and professional Condominium Manager and has retained his own Condominium Portfolio.

Steve Rodda

Condominium Manager

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Email: steve@csmgmtinc.ca 

Stephen Rodda has been involved in Condominium Management since 2015, before that Stephen had an extensive background in business management and human resources. Steve served as the Board President for his own Condominium for well over a decade.  His background in business management and involvement with his own Board of Directors has been extremely beneficial to his role as a Condominium Manager. Stephen thoroughly enjoys working with Condominium Boards and Owners, and has been involved and assisted with many committees including bylaw updates, budgeting, special assessments and hiring of resident managers.

Lindsay Rose

Accounting Department

Phone: 780-760-6197 ext. 508
Fax: 780-760-6198
Email: lindsay@csmgmtinc.ca 

Lindsay Rose has been with CS Management Inc. since 2011. Ms. Rose started out as a Condominium Administrator and now an is the Administrative Assistant for our firm. Lindsay is well experienced in Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payables, Land Titles applications, Caveats/Legal Collections as well as various other duties within the company. Lindsay became a Commissioner for Oaths September of 2014 and is also in charge of training all new Administrators for CS Management Inc. Ms. Rose takes extreme pride in accuracy and customer service and has that “can do” attitude.

Lorrie Robins

Accounts Payable

Phone: 780-760-6197 ext. 516
Fax: 780-760-6198
Email: lorrie@csmgmtinc.ca 

Lorrie has worked at CS Management Inc. since late 2018.  Lorrie has worked in many industries which has helped her succeed with her accounting abilities, primarily accounts payable and invoice processing.   Lorrie has a do it attitude and enjoys keeping her self busy.

Rhiane Jamieson

Condominium Administration Assistant 

Phone: 780-760-6197 ext. 507
Fax: 780-760-6198
Email: rhiane@csmgmtinc.ca 

Rhiane joined CS Management Inc. team in 2020 as a Condominium Administrative Assistant. Prior to this, Rhiane graduated with academic excellence from Grande Prairie Regional College’s Office Administration – Legal Assistant program. Rhiane is well experienced and educated in office administration, document preparation, and is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Besides providing general administrative support to the firm, Rhiane will also be assisting our Condominium Managers and Reception. Rhiane takes pride in her work, comes to work with a positive attitude, and always welcomes new challenges.

In her spare time, Rhiane loves taking her two dogs on walking trails in river valley and hiking in the mountains. She also enjoys reading and travelling.

Jamie Evanoff

Condominium Administrator / Receptionist 

Phone: 780-760-6197 ext. 501
Fax: 780-760-6198
Email: reception@csmgmtinc.ca 

With multiple years of experience in customer service in the automotive industry and the oil and gas sector, Jamie brings a diverse background of working with different personalities and strong work ethics in fast paced environments.

Jamie brings experience as a receptionist, administrative assistant and various other office work.   Her previous work experience entailed assisting multiple managers in various roles.  Jamie has been described as always giving 110% on everything given to her no matter how tedious or difficult or last minute the task at hand may be.   With her experience there is the understanding and patience to undergo different situations that may come her way.

In Jamie’s spare time she enjoys hunting and going to the gun range.   Her daily routine also involves hitting the weights at the gym. During her leisure time and after a normal work day she unwinds by painting, reading and playing video games.


Tyler Siracky

Condominium Manager Assistant

Phone: 780-760-6197 ext. 503
Fax: 780-760-6198
Email: tyler@csmgmtinc.ca 


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