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Company Info

CS Management Inc. was established in 2008 with the vision of providing an innovative Condominium Management style and a unique business plan that is second to none.   Since the beginning of the millennium, Condominiums have changed and the day to day needs of Board Members, Owners and Professionals has vastly increased.

CS Management Inc. and its dedicated team of Condominium Managers and Administration Staff have helped our firm flourish into a successful Condominium Management Company.  Board Members and Condominium Owners are the primary focus for CS Management Inc. to ensure that their voices are heard and that the most efficient service is provided.

Over the past decade, CS Management Inc. has also implemented many internal policies and guidelines for our team to work with.   Having a well-structured organization improves the consistency and quality of our services.    CS Management Inc. is proud to serve its long term clients as well as new Condominiums we acquire annually.

Some other keys to the success of CS Management Inc. is having a good working relationship with qualified contractors, vendors and trades.   Having a good working relationship ensures that the job is getting completed on time and within the budgetary requirements set out by the Corporation.

CS Management Inc. has also developed contacts with many professionals in the Condominium Industry.  Having access to a list of recognized and qualified professionals can assist Corporations with legal matters, year-end audits, engineering needs, or many of the other day to day needs that a Corporation may encounter.

CS Management Inc. also strives to educate and pass on valuable information to our clients and other industry members. Being actively involved with several well-known Alberta organizations, CS Management Inc. is on the leading edge of Condominium information and knowledge. CS Management Inc. encourages all of our clients, Board Members and Owners, to be involved with their community and industry related organizations. This will assist all Board Members and Owners with the municipal and provincial changes that may affect the way that condominiums operate.

Our focus at CS Management Inc. will always be commitment to our clients and standing by our mission of “Leadership, integrity and professionalism defined”.



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