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Marijuana Usage in Condominium

November 30, 2017
Marijuana Smoking – CSM November 2017 Marijuana smoking and complaints from Owners, Occupants and Tenants seem to be a growing problem within Condominium Corporations. These complaints have some Corporations / Board of Directors stumbling and not knowing how to deal with them. In the past, a simple call to the local police department would solve the problem of the neighbourhood hooligans “toking up” (more…)

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CS Management Inc. was started on the simple basis of loyalty and service. Listening to Condominium Owners and hearing their concerns in the market place, we were able to devise an innovative management style and business plan that is second to none. All of our Condominium Owners deserve service with diligence and respect. This is a major factor of our bigger mission and one of the keys to the success of our business.