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Cold Weather Announcement

February 9, 2021
With temperatures reaching minus 50 degrees Celsius, with windchill, for the beginning of the 2021 year, many residents can help prevent major disasters such as a flood or no heat call by following some simple tasks: Keep windows closed: It only takes several minutes for a water pipe or heating line to freeze up in an ideal condition. Strong winds and cold temperatures are key ingredients for disaster and the main cause of no heat…

CS Management Inc.

CS Management Inc. was started on the simple basis of loyalty and service. Listening to Condominium Owners and hearing their concerns in the market place, we were able to devise an innovative management style and business plan that is second to none. All of our Condominium Owners deserve service with diligence and respect. This is a major factor of our bigger mission and one of the keys to the success of our business.