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Cold Weather Announcement

With temperatures reaching minus 50 degrees Celsius, with windchill, for the beginning of the 2021 year, many residents can help prevent major disasters such as a flood or no heat call by following some simple tasks:

Keep windows closed: It only takes several minutes for a water pipe or heating line to freeze up in an ideal condition. Strong winds and cold temperatures are key ingredients for disaster and the main cause of no heat within a Unit or a frozen pipe. Close your windows during severe cold snaps!

Keep Doors and Patio Doors closed: Leaving doors open can create colder temperatures inside a Unit. These colder areas can freeze pipes or other items in the home, which then creates a recipe for disaster. Residents are encouraged to check door functionality periodically to ensure operation, however these doors are not meant to be left open when not in use.

Thermostat Temperatures: If you are leaving your home for a couple hours or a couple days, ensure that the batteries in your thermostat carry a charge and that the minimum temperature inside the Unit is set for 15 degrees. If your Unit is vacant or you are away for a long period, have a neighbour or a friend inspect the Unit daily during colder weather spells. This will ensure no surprises or floods occur.

Water Shut off: If you are planning to leave your Unit for a couple days, it is strongly recommended to shut the main water supply off. Most Units have an individual water shut off inside the Unit. It is also good practice to notify your Condominium Manager or Board Members that you will be away, just in case there is an emergency.

CS Management Inc. Emergency Line: We understand that sometimes there is an emergency that needs to be addressed. In the event of an EMERGENCY, please dial 780 917 1284 for our 24 / 7 Emergency Line!  When calling our emergency line, please ensure you provide the following:

  • Callers Name
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Unit Number / Address
  • Condominium Name
  • What your emergency is!

Not sure what an emergency is?  Scan the QR code with your smart phone camera to go to our website page, which will provide more details!