1page-img2CS Management is dedicated to providing full service for your everyday Condominium needs. We offer the following exclusive services:

General Administrative

  • Maintain owner / Unit files.
  • Preparation of documents.
  • Mail outs.
  • Annual general meeting preparation.
  • Record electronic and paper documentation.
  • Administrate archive materials.
  • Assist in developing house rules and policies.
  • Assist In the enforcement of Bylaw’s and Bylaw Infractions.
  • Preparation of condominium documents.
  • Respond to complaints in a timely manner.
  • Prepare and mail assessment and delinquency notices.
  • Prepare information statements as required under the Condominium Property Act and Estoppels on a cost recovery basis. Information statements and Estoppels shall set forth any contribution due and payable in respect of a unit to the Corporation.

Financial Management Services

Maintain accounting records and provide monthly statements to the Treasurer of the Board of Directors as agreed to by the Corporation.

We provide the following:

    • Balance Sheet
    • Statement of Income & Expense with Budget Comparison
    • Reserve Fund Statement
    • Detailed General Ledger
    • Reconciled Bank Statements
    • Detailed Accounts Receivable
    • Copies of Original Invoices
  • Prepare cheques to pay all obligations and provide a copy of both the cheques and invoices with the monthly variance financial reports.
  • Assist auditors in preparation of audited financial statement and tax returns.
  • Upon the written requests of owners, provide annual statements.
  • Prepare in cooperation with the Board of Directors, the annual budget.
  • Prepare in cooperation with the Board of Directors, Capital Reserve Fund recommendations.
  • All our Corporations have signing authority so that proper reviews of invoices and payments can be conducted.
  • Full payroll services.

Management & Service

  • 24 hour emergency telephone line.
  • Dispatch of service and maintenance contractors.
  • Follow up on corrective actions.
  • Review of service contracts.
  • Assist to the preparation of specifications relating to the building envelope.
  • Obtain quotations for projects and service contracts.
  • Recommend venders for selection.
  • Project Management and Supervision. (additional costs)
  • Inspect projects at completion and approve completed work prior to payment.
  • Assist In the interpretation and requirements under the CPA and Regulations.
  • Dealing with Owners correspondence and concerns.
  • Onsite inspections.