About Us

2page-img1CS Management Inc. was started on the simple basis of loyalty and service. Listening to Condominium Owners and hearing their concerns in the market place, we were able to devise an innovative management style and business plan that is second to none. All of our Condominium Owners deserve service with diligence and respect. This is a major factor of our bigger mission and one of the keys to the success of our business.

Many Condominium Owners live in their Units and these are their homes and investments.

Ensuring that client ideas and concerns are a priority has allowed us to maintain a continuous positive relationship with our condominium owners. Any issue is our issue. We as a professional management company, utilize professional individuals within our corporate field. We feel that if a Condominium needs advice and consultation, we have access to reputable firms that will provide the best information possible.

We also utilize this approach to maintenance and repairs.

Having a good working relationship with qualified contractors and tradesman, ensures that the job is getting completed on time and within the budgetary means set out by the Corporation. We also strive to educate and relay information to our clients. Being actively involved with the Canadian Condominium Institute, CS Management Inc. is on the leading edge of Condominium information and knowledge. We strongly encourage all of our clients to be involved with any community and industry related organizations. This keeps all Owners and Boards of Directors aware of the municipal and provincial changes that may affect the way that condominiums operate.

Our Focus

One to one communication as well as an immediate focus to problems and concerns have enhanced our reputation and have made us a leader in the condominium industry. We are the future of Condominium Management and adhere to our prominent level of service every single day of the year.